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Terry M. Gray (
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>>4. What books should I read?
>>I see Glenn Morton passively advertising his book on his
>> signature (and have looked at your home page, Glenn).
>> What else is worth reading from a biblical, old earth
>> view?
>Davis Young's Christianity and the Age of the Earth, Hugh
>Ross's stuff Finger Print of God (as long as it is limited
>to his astronomy and not his anthropology.), Creation and
>Time, there is another one I haven't read.
>But no one tackles the flood in a coherent way except me.
>And most people don't like my view.

Bernard Ramm's *The Christian View of Science and Scripture* is another
important book to read. Ramm is an old earther, local flooder, progressive
creationist. This book, published in 1954, is somewhat dated, but
addresses the crucial questions. I disagree with his negative assessments
about evolutionary theory, especially given the evidence available today.
His local flood discussion primarily focuses on translation issues.
Whitcomb and Morris in *The Genesis Flood* spend a great deal of effort to
answer Ramm's local flood model--unsuccessfully in my opinion.

Glenn, I'm not sure I would call Ramm's treatment of the subject
incoherent. The geological consequences of Ramm's view are minimal--the
flood is fairly recent, its effects would be hard to find in the geological
record (this comes out in D. Young's book as well), not all humans or
animals were destroyed in the flood.

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