Scientific Integrity

Joseph Carson (
08 Apr 96 12:06:35 EDT

>Information about this study and its recommendations is available on the GAP
>web homepage at <>
>I hope you'll visit and share your thoughts about it with us here.

I just went to this homepage and was unable to find anything like what you
described. What gives?

Also, the html on the home page is fouled up so that most of the pictures
don't load (like the .gif of the logo at the top). [This looks like one
I've experienced before - it probably loads under Netscape but Mosaic (which
I have) is less forgiving and requires correct specification of paths.]

Joe's reply:

I just checked (1200 on 4/8/96) with my web browser, netcom. There appear
to be some glitches with the .gifs, but when I press "enter" again, the page
comes up.

The information about "scientific integrity" is not directly accessible from
the home page. Select "program descriptions" from the home page and the
scientific integrity project is one of the programs listed on the next page.