RE: Kline article in PSCF

Bill Hamilton (
Mon, 8 Apr 1996 07:12:00 -0400

Glenn Morton wrote:
>Once again, I do not believe that Genesis 6-9 can be said
>to be Hebrew poetry. Neither can Genesis 4, 5 or 11. I
>have doubts about whether one can claim Genesis 2 and 3 as
>poetry also. The style and content appear quite different
>from Genesis 1.

However, look at the difference in the amount of detail provided between
Noah and Abraham. We don't even know Noah's wife's name. I think the
great difference in the level of detail tells us something. These are not
quite the same kinds of account. I'm not claiming the flood account is
poetry, but it's 4our chapters that tell us just about everything we know
about Noah, with even less detail about other family members. Contrast
that with the chapters devoted to Abraham and his family.

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