Questions from a Lurker

David and Glennis Cashmore (
Mon, 8 Apr 1996 19:26:10 +-1200

Dear All,
As someone who has lurked on the list for a while I would like to make =
some observations and ask some questions. I grew up in a pagan =
background and came to Christ believing that you did not need to hold a =
historical view of the beginning of Genesis. Over the years I came to a =
"working YEC" view but was always uncomfortable with the position. I am =
an electrical engineer by trade and so had physics background, but no =
geology or biology, but I have always thought that their science was =
somehow superficial. I am now drifting into an "Old Earth" view but =
have some questions.

1. Is the YEC science really that bad?
I have heard some rather sweeping statements made about ICR. Are they =
really that careless with the facts? Our church is almost totally YEC =
and every year at least has one or two lectures from local YEC =

2. What do you "Old Earthers" teach your children as to the meaning of =
I am concerned that the creation story does not become like the tooth =
fairy or Santa Claus - when the kids are no longer able to believe the =
lie, we tell them the truth!

3. What is Christian Evolution?
I have read that various Christians think that the bible allows for =
evolution. My simplistic understanding of evolution is that natural =
mutations combined with natural selection lead to new species better =
adapted to their environment emerging from old species. A friend of =
mine has a first class honours degree in zoology and was fond of making =
the statement that evolution cannot be science because it is not =
observable and not reproducible (he answered this in a final year exam =
and they still gave him a first class honours degree at a secular =
university). Do Christian evolutionists accept both the mechanism and =
the new creation of species, or just the creation of new species from =
old species "by the hand of God"? I would be interested to hear =
positions on this.

4. What books should I read?
I see Glenn Morton passively advertising his book on his signature (and =
have looked at your home page, Glenn). What else is worth reading from =
a biblical, old earth view?

In Him
David Cashmore
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