Kline in PSCF

Robert L. Miller (102733.3377@compuserve.com)
07 Apr 96 00:26:33 EST

Glenn wrote:

>Now, what is a concordist like me to do with this data?
>There are only two ways to handle it. The first
>possibility is that Biblical description is wrong. But
>there is another possiblity. The description of these
>events in Genesis 4 are much longer ago and describe a
>world destroyed by the flood (which I believe is local).
>What we see in the archaeological record is a
>re-development of technology. I believe that Adam lived
>around 5-6 million years ago. The flood was near that
>time as was the in filling of the Mediterranean basin
>(which is firmly established geologically (See Hsu _The
>Mediterranean was a Desert, Princeton Univ. Press,
>1983)).The first hominids appear in the fossil record
>immediately after this time period.

How long did Adam live? Genesis 2:17 promises death only if they eat from the
tree of life. Could it have been several million years before Eve came on the
scene? Was the garden of Eden an island of tranquility that isolated Adam from
the turmoil of evolution going on in the outside world?

>We have to get out of the apologetical box we have
>painted for ourselves. By always considering Adam to have
>been created within the past 60,000 years or so, we can
>never hope to account for the anthropological data.

How are you going to get out of the apologetic box without evidence?

Bob Miller