RE: Kline article in PSCF (D. Kidner on Adam)

Glenn Morton (
Thu, 04 Apr 1996 22:52:38

Bill Hamilton wrote:

>There is a difference between truth and a representation
> of truth. Human means of gathering knowledge yield
>representations of truth. Due to the imperfection of
>human abilities in gathering and interpreting information,
>to say nothing of human limitations in reasoning powers
> none of the representations we deal with are perfect.
>Even what we know of God from the Scriptures and from the
>testimony of the Holy Spirit is a representation of
>truth -- graciously given to us by God so that we can
> understand what is humanly possible and needful for us to
>understand of Him. It seems to me that Kidner is saying
>that different representations of truth are imperfect
>and therefore we should not be surprised when they don't
> fit exactly.

I would refer you to my response to Alice Fulton. I simply
don't think that what is happening out there is the
generation of two different descriptions or representations
of truth. But I fully agree with you that we can't expect
perfect agreement, but then I don't think we should expect
as much disagreement as I see between YEC and science and
modern liberal theology (for want of a better phrase) and
the Bible.

>Having said that, I must admit some discomfort with
> Kidner's choice of words:
>>>> Thirdly, however, the interests and methods
>>>> of Scripture and
>>>>science differ so widely that they are best studied,
>>>> in any detail, apart.

I think Kidner is saying exactly what he appears to be
saying, which is the source of your discomfort. Namely
that there are two separate realms of truth.

>Hey Glenn: can you make your line length a bit shorter?
> It doesn't bother
>me, but someone's bound to be having fits over these
> long lines.

I have shortened to 60. But that makes the quotations bad.
I will try this for a day or two and see if the incoming
notes are similarly formatted.

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