Re: Kline Article

John W. Burgeson (
03 Apr 96 10:03:07 EST

Jack wrote: " I will probably suggest a paper from the June Issue of
PSCF for another go-around. Thanks to Terry Gray for his willingness to
download the Kline article on the Web site.
Jack Haas"

Jack -- please keep trying! Maybe something not so esoteric
(speaking just from my own viewpoint as a non-academic

And kudos to Terry for all his good work!


PS: Recent papers in PSCF that would have been better (IMO)
than Kline's include Tanner's communication on page 260 of
the Dec 1995 issue, Ferngren and Numbers' essay on page 28
of the March issue, Randy Isaac's essay on page 34 of the same issue,
etc. Also Ray Grizzle's communication of a few issues back.
However, better to choose one from the next issue now. j