Kline Article

Jack Haas (HAAS@gordonc.edu)
Tue, 2 Apr 1996 8:23:36 -0500 (EST)


As a member of a variety of net discussion groups I have often felt that
there was more noise than serious content with respect to the topics
discussed. One of the goals for this list was serious is discussion of
science-faith issues. So, with some trepidation as to whether you would
consider a reading assignment appropriate, I suggested that we discuss
the Kline article on early Genesis. I felt that it treated a fundamental
ASA concern and was not dumbed-down for the pop reader.

The result has been an extended discussion carried out in a generally
non-confrontational fashion. M. Kline is not of the 'net' generation and thus
could not join in with us even if he wished. I have been making hard copies
of the postings and will send him
the lot when things wind down. I'll ask him to respond but if the 5+ years it
took to get him to do the article is any measure, well....

How did things go? I think that we lacked critical comment of the sort that
Jack Collins hinted at. But what can we expect when evangelical biblical
scholars no longer wish to get involved in ASA concerns as they did in the
early days. Perhaps I should have made a greater effort to get them to
participate. Some of you in commenting on my recent PSCF editorial have noted
the great time pressures on professionals. I would argue that we do
what we want to do! If we are to mature in our understanding of the relation
of the created order to our faith we need to work at it - with humility and
appreciation for those who have gone before us. One sidebar to this discussion
as been the description of Sunday School classes and other church
presentations on science/faith issues. Let's hear more. One great need is
for materials in this area. Another task for ASA?

I'm sure that others of you may have reacted differently. I'd like to hear
from you personally. I will probably suggest a paper from the June Issue of
PSCF for another go-around. Thanks to Terry Gray for his willingness to
download the Kline article on the Web site.
Jack Haas