Re: Racism & the Bible
Mon, 1 Apr 1996 08:06:26 -0500

Paul Arveson wrote:

>Mankind is ONE species, ONE original family, ONE genetic stock. Both the
>Bible and modern science agree on this.

I'm just wondering how the Science article I mentioned recently
would jibe with this statement.
To refresh your memory here is the brief summary I posted about the
On page 1364 on the March 8, 1996 (Vol. 271, No. 5254) issue is a
report on some research into some specific genetic markers in the human
genome. The researchers found that of the 24 possible varieties of the
markers, almost all exist in sub-Saharan Africa, a few exist in northeast
Africa, yet only _one_ exists throughout the rest of the world. The
tentative conclusion drawn is that humanity started in Africa but only a
select population of humans came out of northeast Africa to populate the
rest of the world.
This might explain the origin of Cain's wife and the people Cain
was afraid of when God excommunicated him. Of course racists could use
these findings to say, "So, Africans really are soulless subhumans."

Mike Jaqua
Kalamazoo, MI