RE: Powers that Be (was Year of Destiny?!)

Pim van Meurs (
Sun, 19 Sep 1999 11:43:18 -0700

In a recent response to Kamilla Ludwig (10 Sep) I attempted to answer
Pim van Meurs's two questions concerning the related and imposing
numerics of Genesis 1:1 and the Creator's Name. He had asked: "What
rules out (1) coincidence, and (2) the original writers or translators
adding numerology?" My reply included the statement: "Genesis 1:1 has
been fairly described as the most remarkable sequence of words ever
written." This drew forth the rejoinder, "Purely assertion, Nothing to
show that it is not coincidence."

Vernon: The uniqueness of the Bible's first verse is demonstrated at the URLs
below - but, for reasons best known to himself, Pim steadfastly refuses
to examine the evidence! It therefore occurs to me that the impasse
might be broken if I adopt a slightly different approach.

It's about time. Perhaps now we can move from assertion to some scientific approach?

(6) Such details (and there are many more!) constitute powerful evidence
of intelligent design. Clearly, such an undertaking is not feasible if
we look only to natural or human agency.

You have failed to support this with any evidence. Heck you can find the evidence, why could a human agency not place it there? And where have you shown that the numerology is beyond doubt not a coincidence?

Vernon: Pim (and/or Susan B.), perhaps you can help us here. Who or what do you
suggest might be the cause of such numerical wonders occurring in a
meaningful sentence of Hebrew? And, incidentally, are you not now
beginning to see that Genesis 1:1 is undoubtedly the most remarkable
combination of words ever written?

I hoped that Vernon would make an effort to address my questions. He merely restated his unsupported assertions.