Re: Year of Destiny?
Thu, 9 Sep 1999 19:20:35 EDT

Dick Fisher wrote:

<< As I have mentioned before, the early Accadians worshipped a triune god, or
at least a triad, it is hard to know exactly whether their view of the
Godhead was the same as ours, but at least it was similar. The second in
the hierarchy was the god Ea, adopted by the Sumerians as "Enki" meaning
"lord of the earth." Ea was the god of wisdom and the creator of mankind.
When the flood was imminent it was Ea who gave warning. >>

The contrast between our view of the Godhead and the Accadians' view is far
greater than any similarity. In fact I wonder if there is any similarity at
all. Although at one point in Mesopotamian history a triad dominated the
universe, there were always other important gods as well and hundreds, indeed
thousands of lesser gods. And at other points in Mesopotamian history the
triad was not dominant. Most importantly, these gods were all separate and
different personalties not sharing any common center. For example, one god of
the triad, Anu, was angry with another god of the triad, Ea, for warning a
man about the coming flood.

Paul S.