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Vernon Jenkins (
Fri, 10 Sep 1999 00:15:09 +0100


Thanks for writing.

Speaking of my numerical findings re the Hebrew of the OT and the Greek
of the NT, Pim wrote (6 Sep): "What rules out 1) coincidence 2) the
original writers or translators adding 'numerology'? You'll have to show
that neither applies."

As you imply, these are matters that deserve serious and detailed
consideration. I have pointed out to Pim that it is usual in such
circumstances that all interested parties have some knowledge of what is
under scrutiny. Ideally, this of course would entail an 'in depth' study
of my web material. However, having just presented an outline of the
principles involved in my investigations along with examples of the
findings, let me now attempt to answer these questions posed by Pim.

(1) First, what rules out 'coincidence'?

Genesis 1:1 has been fairly described as the most remarkable sequence of
words ever written. Standing at the threshold of God's word to man, it
is, first and foremost, a powerful and fundamental assertion. But, at
the level of number, it also represents an astonishing concurrence of
mathematical absolutes and apposite symbolism. I have already referred
to the coordinated figurate numbers based upon the uniquely symmetrical
37 and its multiples; in addition, the number of Hebrew letters, 28, is
second perfect number and seventh triangular number - the number of
words being seven. Further, the symbolism represented by the "...and the
earth." triangle surrounded by a trio of triangles - each of value 666
- is powerfully evocative of Revelation 13! - and each of the triangles,
as a representation of the Triune Godhead.

If we accept Genesis 1:1 as prologue to the Creation narrative, then the
fact that the Creator's Name is also a multiple of 37 (as are each of
its components!) must be taken into account in our final assessment of
the significance of the numerics of this opening verse.

In my experience, attitudes to 'coincidence' are ambivalent, to say the
least. Thus, if on a sequence of summer holidays (in places
well-distributed geographically) I were to come across the same strange
character sitting in my hotel lounge, eyeing me intently, I would soon
rule out all thoughts of 'coincidence'! Yet, when confronted by some
remarkable phenomena (manifestly occurring as an integral part of God's
inspired word), the tendency is to become more tolerant of coincidence
- indeed, to such an extent that an endless series of coincidences would
fail to convince! This phenomenon is worthy of study in its own right;
affecting all mankind, it appears to be an inevitable outcome of
cognitive dissonance - and the Christian must be prepared to compensate
for it.

The evidences, I suggest, rule out chance. They speak clearly of
intelligence and serious purpose. But who can be their author?

(2) What rules out a human author, or authors?

With respect to Genesis 1:1, apart from the 'feasibility' problem, we
have to consider that the Hebrew words were recorded some centuries
before the use of letters as numerals was introduced into Israel.

With respect to the Lord's Name, both 'Jesus' and 'Christ' can be found
in the Septuagint (a translation of the OT into Greek, c.300BC). At the
time, Greek letters were already in use as numerals. Thus, the values
888 and 1480 (multiples of 37) would have been fixed centuries before
the Incarnation!

Clearly, the author of the phenomena has to be supernatural. Who but God
Himself would want to include such a dramatic confirmation of His Being
and Sovereignty in His word to man?!

I hope you'll find these comments helpful.


Kamilla Ludwig wrote:
> Vernon,
> Please pardon this neophyte for barging in.
> It just seems to me that you have not given Pim (and others, myself
> included) enough reason to spend more of our precious time investigating
> your claims. It would be helpful if you could answer Pim's concerns and
> thereby justify our investment of time in further study of the matter.
> Kamilla