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Bill Hamilton (
Thu, 09 Sep 1999 12:03:02 -0400

At 09:38 AM 9/9/99 -0600, Allan Harvey wrote:

>Actually there has been at least one such effort. I don't have time to
>look for the reference, but I recall that some people produced results
>similar to "The Bible Code" using as their text a Hebrew translation of
>"War and Peace".

The book "Just Java 2" by Peter VanDerLinden provides on its accompanying
CDROM a "Bible Code" program (written in Java of course) and the text of
"Moby Dick" (as well as the text of the KJV). VanDerLinden ends each
chapter with a section called "Some light relief" and one of these endings
shows the results of a search with this program on Moby Dick which are
claimed to predict the death of Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed a couple
years ago.

My understanding about searching War and Peace was that it was done by the
authors of the original paper on the ELS (equidistant letter sequence)
searches of the Hebrew Bible and didn't find much of anything.

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