Re: Year of Destiny?

Dick Fischer (
Thu, 09 Sep 1999 09:31:33 -0400

Vernon wrote:

>Chuck, I hope I have convinced you that the conjuction 5760/2000 really
>is unique. I make no predictions as to its significance. Perhaps these
>comments will stimulate you to examine the URLs.

The special significance numbers have to the Hebrews cannot be ignored.
Although I have seen 666 as the sum of Nero's proper name, and that would
solve the whole antichrist thing, it would seem far more unlikely to me that
Christ's return would be on an insignificant date.

As I have mentioned before, the early Accadians worshipped a triune god, or
at least a triad, it is hard to know exactly whether their view of the
Godhead was the same as ours, but at least it was similar. The second in
the hierarchy was the god Ea, adopted by the Sumerians as "Enki" meaning
"lord of the earth." Ea was the god of wisdom and the creator of mankind.
When the flood was imminent it was Ea who gave warning. His number was
40. Often in writings the number was substituted for the name.

And Christ fasted 40 days and nights, and there were 40 days between the
resurrection and the ascension. Certainly no number has more significance
pertaining to Christ than 40.

If you divide 5760 by 40, you get 12 squared.

I'm ready. Are you guys?

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