Re: Year of Destiny?!

Vernon Jenkins (
Sat, 04 Sep 1999 22:17:51 +0100


By way of a general response to comments concerning my recent posting,
let me say:

(1) It is not possible to assess the significance of the impending
conjunction of the numbers 5760 and 2000 in isolation. The matter must
set in the broader context of the world situation and information
reported earlier concerning certain key words and passages in the
original Hebrew and Greek of the biblical text. [Readers with no
knowledge of this background material are invited to refer to the URLs

(2) By labelling the derivation of such information 'numerology' many
appear to be missing the point. Neither Christian nor Jew should find it
too hard to believe that God - to further His eternal purposes - could,
or would, act in this way in writings they believe to have been inspired
by Him. For those who deny the supernatural, the phenomena in question
have to be attributable to chance or human conspiracy - contentions
which are readily rebutted! [Is it any wonder that these would want the
matter consigned to oblivion?!] Those (of either category) unwilling or
afraid to examine the evidence clearly can have nothing worthwhile to
contribute to the current discussion!

(3) The point that is being missed by so many people is that the
empirical data referred to rest on the soundest of foundations, viz
mathematics per se, ie the understanding that certain numbers, in
themselves, possess interesting or unique properties, but which are also
meaningful in respect of biblical text and symbolism.

Let me close by addressing remarks to particular individuals:

To Glenn: The numerical phenomena residing in the Hebrew of Genesis 1:1
and the Greek of the Lord's Name can hardly be erased! They are living
testimony to the being and sovereignty of our God, and to the fact that
he holds the whole of history in his hands!

To Chuck: The basis of the Jewish calendar is the lunar month; to
achieve sync with the solar year it is necessary to insert an extra
month from time to time. See for
further details.

To Susan: I have the impression that you are one who declines to view
the evidence referred to above. Why not do that and provide an
explanation in naturalistic terms?

To Darren: In my book, anything that impinges on the matter of origins
can be thrown into the ring in these lists. Some Jews really believe the
age of the earth to be 5760 years!

To Gordon: I think we have to accept things as they are now. You clearly
acknowledge that God is freely able to achieve his purposes - whether or
not these include human error!