Re: Coal (Was the saddest statement)
Fri, 03 Sep 1999 05:59:27 +0000

At 12:28 AM 09/03/1999 -0600, Bill Payne wrote:
>Forget the fine roots, what about the fat roots? This is a critical
>point which undermines your swamp model and supports the floating mat


Don't say 'your swamp model'. I have told you repeatedly I really don't
care whether coal is autochthonous or allochthonous. Neither origin for
coal supports a global flood and thus coal is incapable of doing what you
are trying to do with it. Bill, it really doesn't matter.

>I've found at least one reference stating that rooted stumps (in this
>case) were transported: "Numerous large fossil tree trunks, as much as 1
>m in diameter, are preserved in the Aycross Formation on a ridge on the
>southeastern flank of Sheldon Dome in Maverick Spring Quadrangle. The
>tree trunks, several feet in length, include complete root systems and
>are in an upright position, indicating rapid sedimentation and burial.
>The lenticular distributary and channel-fill character of these sandstone
>beds indicates deposition of coalescing fans on an alluvial plain that
>was crossed by moderately flowing streams, with a predominant source to
>the west." (Windolph, Warlow, and Hickling: Deposition of deltaic and
>intermontane Cretaceous and Tertiary coal-bearing strata in the Wind
>River Basin, Wyoming; in _Paleoenvironmental and Tectoic Controls in
>Coal-Forming Basins in the United States_; Geological Society of America
>Special Paper 210, p 133)
>I am extrapolating this observation to other root systems, especially
>those not attached to stumps, that crosscut strata and saying that these
>roots are not necessarily indicative of insitu growth. Roots
>crosscutting strata is the fundamental evidence used by Bob Gastaldo in
>his 1984 paper to discredit Steve Austin's floating mat model.
>Gastaldo's assumption is in conflict with the statement from Special
>Paper 210 above.
Bill, tell me why this matters to the global flood? Allochthonous coal
doesn't prove a global flood. Given this, which you have admitted, don't
you think it is time to stop beating this dead horse?

>So even if you don't see the roots, we know that they are there because
>this was a swamp and swamps had to have trees with roots, and the only
>reason we don't see them is because of "inherent difficulties in
>Won't work, Glenn.

Let's suppose all coal is allochthonous. Big deal. It doesn't mean a
global flood and thus it doesn't require a young earth. What is all your
fuss about here anyway?

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