Rimmer's lawsuits

Ted Davis (TDavis@messiah.edu)
Thu, 02 Sep 1999 16:33:35 -0400

IN response to a request for further information:

Rimmer's first suit was in 1929, the second in 1940. That Lawsuit against
the Bible (1940) details this. In one case it was claimed that the account
of the quail in the desert is impossible, that there would have been so many
that they couldn't all have been eaten (something like 12 million birds per
person). But the judge believed the "eyewitness," Moses, rather than the

In the other case, the same story and several others were put forth as
impossible--the contradictions between the first two chapters of Genesis,
e.g, and descriptions of animals in Leviticus 11:4-6. But the plaintiff
sued Rimmer personally rather than the Research Science Bureau, the legal
entity that had offered the challenge, so the judge threw it out. Needless
to say, Rimmer took these as vindication of the Bible.

Ted Davis