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Thu, 02 Sep 1999 09:07:41 -0400

I must disagree strongly with your statement that "Christians do not do as
good in science as
nonbelievers." The proof of your statement is to cite examples in very
specific fields of science. Your blank statement is not true, for instance,
for any of the Christian physicists that I have known. It is true that there
are areas of science where the evolution controversy is very relevant and
there I can see your point. But mathematicians, chemists, physicists, etc.
do not deal with those issues as scientists and so the evolution question is
irrelevant to their science.


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>Hi Jim,
>I am going to take a different approach than what I have seen others take.
>At 11:47 AM 09/01/1999 -0400, Behnke, James wrote:
>>Is good theology necessary to do good science? Can an unbeliever do
>>just as well as a believer? (If so, some form of naturalism is part of
>>Johnson and Moreland have pushing the view that says "No" to the above
>It has been my observation that Christians do not do as good in science as
>nonbelievers. Why? Far to often their theology gets in the way of their
>observational skills. I see this in the ID group who often get their facts
>wrong or the Ph.D. YECs who don't get their facts correct because of their
>theological bias. I have observed it occasionally among people working in
>the oil and gas business. Those sometimes with the strongest religious
>beliefs are those who are not rigorous enough--they don't question facts
>like they should. THis is esspecially true if the issue that needs
>questioning violates their theology. There are exceptions to this of
>course, but it has been my general observation.And I think I saw this in my
>YEC days vs. today. There were areas I wouldn't question when I was a YEC.
>Today I will question anything.
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