Theology: Response to Burgy -"solution" of a paradox?

Gladwin Joseph (
Fri, 30 Aug 1996 10:46:46 -0700

Burgy says seeing the brain as an antenna rather than a
computer "solves the freewill paradox". I am curious as to
how that solves that paradox. Has God given us the
means to solve such and other irreducible mysteries? The
church as toiled with these mysteries for the past 2000
years and they still remain mysteries. I have heard of
the idea of Complementarity (from Mackay and Polkinghorne)
which helps one see such apparent paradoxes as complementary
aspects of truth. But a "solution" I think most probably
belongs in the realm of Eternity. Such Transcendent
mysteries rightfully cause us to worship HIM who holds all
things together. any comments....