Re: BIBLE -- Reply to Terry Gray

John W. Burgeson (
30 Aug 96 12:03:51 EDT

Bill Dozier writes, in part: >>To be more accurate, "b" should read "practically
all," or at least "an overwhelming majority of" rather than "many." This is not
to quibble with point "a," but to state it the way that you have implies
something close to an even split when there is nothing close to it. >>

Appreciate the point -- but I'm unsure of its relevance.

An overwhelming majority of Christians probably believe in the young earth,

In our denomination (PCUSA), among those with a vote last summer, the split was
57% to 43% on the question of granting ordination. Which implies a lower/higher
split on the question as I posed it.

Episcopalians, Methodists and Lutherans are all wrestling with the same issue.

In the absence of poll data, which would be difficult to get meaningfully, I
don't have any real feeling for what the split is. Which is why I tried to
specify it non-quantitatively. I probably should have used "some" in place of