Re: BIBLE/BRAIN:Clairvoyance/Interpretation/Evolution (long)

Sweitzer, Dennis (
Thu, 29 Aug 96 12:01:00 EST

Michael J. Rankin wrote>>>>>>>>>>
> Can ... anyone who cares to comment explain or give theory to the issue of
clairvoyance and being Christian?

> My youngest son has had two incidences whereby he dreamed about an event
that later happened. Is this coming from God or where? He is born again
and baptized.

> If you take it a step further, and you believe what has been said about
Nostradamas, who was feeding him information? What about the apparitions
throughout history? There are many reported sightings of Mother Mary to
people with instructions and foretelling of events.

I had an experience when young & single, & praying for guidance (&
provision) concerning a spouse. A name came to me--"Cindy K....l..r" (kind
of garbled), and an impression that she would be from Germany or spoke
german, or something so related, and another criteria which I totally

So I filed this event away in my brain/mind/soul/where-ever.

A few months later, this girl walked into my life (she literally moved
upstairs). The 3 predicted criteria (name, germanness, & whatever) were
fulfilled. We became friends. Did we marry? NO, NO, NO. She wasn't even
a Christian! I eventually did find the perfect girl (well, actually God
found her & arranged the meeting, but that's another story), and married
her, so the story has a happy ending.

Regarding the prophesy, I can propose 3 alternatives: (A) God's perfect
plan was to win her to Christ & marry her. (B) She was the right one, but
had fallen away from God at some point, twarting God's plan A. (C) The
adversary knew she was coming to town, implanted the "prophesy", and
arranged for us to meet.

I favor (C).

So my attitude toward clairvoyance type phenomena is severe skeptisicsm.
Two reasons:

(1) If it doesn't line up with God's word, it's not of God. Even if it
does, seek Godly counsel, pray for guidance, etc., just like you would have
(or should have) without the prophecy--because it may still not be of God.

(2) A lot of clarvoyant phenomena is simple trickery (anyone can make a
ceramic statue weep).

(3) A lot of "prophesies" (e.g., Nostradomus) is of the Delphi oracle type.
Vague (or volumous) statements that can be interepreted (and selected) to
match the facts.

ok, three reasons.

Grace & peace,

Dennis Sweitzer