Re: BIBLE/BRAIN:Clairvoyance Interpretation Bible
Wed, 28 Aug 1996 18:32:53 -0500

RE: Scott Oakman & Bill Frix posts:

Can either of you, or anyone who cares to comment explain or give theory to the
issue of clairvoyance and being Christian?

My youngest son has had two incidences whereby he dreamed about an event that
later happened. Is this coming from God or where? He is born again and

If you take it a step further, and you believe what has been said about
Nostradamas, who was feeding him information? What about the apparitions
throughout history? There are many reported sightings of Mother Mary to people
with instructions and foretelling of events.

Does God, as in the bible, still communicate with such clarity from the world of
the Spirit to the world of the flesh?

Without confusing the whole issue with too many caveats and ideas, can you
address the literal translation of the bible.

I have been observing the discussion of the 6/24. The world was created by God
in 6 days and those days were 24 hour days. I commented that I don't think we
know and that comment was rendered heresy. Quite frankly, if the bible were
determined to be somewhat in error because they discovered something in the
dead sea scrolls, it wouldn't hurt my faith or belief in God, therefore what role
do you think the bible plays in this scenario, in our faith, in it's translation? My
concern is the implication that we are not Christian if we don't accept
everything in the bible because it is a translation or interpretation by a human,
who does not know the mind of God. When someone says they do that really
alarms me.

Eireinei soi en tou christou,

Michael J. Rankin