BIBLE: Quantum computers & many worlds

Murphy (
Tue, 27 Aug 1996 08:15:01 -0400

Just a few comments prompted by Glenn Morton's post -
1) Other proposals have been made for experiments to support the Many Worlds
Interpretation (MWI) of quantum theory. E.g., David Albert's "How to Take a Photograph
of Another Everett World", pp. 498-502 in Greenberger (ed.) NEW TECHNIQUES AND IDEAS IN
QUANTUM MEASUREMENT THEORY (NY Academy of Sciences, 1986).
2) I may make bold to note the paper I gave at the 1987 ASA meeting in Colorado
Springs, "Parallel Worlds, Quantum Theory, and Divine Sovereignty". I'd be glad to send
a copy to anyone interested.
3) IF MWI is used, the resolution of a lot of theological questions which it poses
(e.g., what about worlds in which we're all atheists?) probably needs to be
eschatological. "IN THE END, THE HOUSE ALWAYS WINS."
George Murphy