Tue, 27 Aug 1996 05:19:38 -0400

In his post of Aug. 22, Kenneth Piers mentioned the book entitled,"Natures
Imagination", in which is found a chapter "written by Mary Midgley titled
"Reductive Megalomania", a delightfully well-written, insightful response to
the problems reductionists encounter and so blithely ignore." Thanks for the
reference, Ken.

Midgley is a wonderfully insightful author, and critic of much of what goes
on in science. Her book entitled, _Science as Salvation_ grew out of her
1990 Gifford Lectures, and is a wide-ranging, spicy, trenchant critique of
the views exemplified by Barrow and Tipler and others, that in science lies
our salvation. Among the 19 chapters in the book are such tiles as The
Fascination of Chance, The Function of Faith, The Unexpected Difficulties of
Deicide. The book comes in paper back and is well worth having on your
library shelves.