Comment to Steve

John W. Burgeson (
26 Aug 96 12:28:37 EDT

Steve writes, in part: " Why is it that many supporters of YEC on this forum
jump on Glenn or I if there's even the appearance of a mistake or unfairness yet
remain silent regarding false and misleading information promoted by YECs
(especially the ones who travel around the country giving talks at local
churches)? I don't mind (really!) when people point out mistakes or
mistatements I make (which happens now and again) but I think it's shameful that
the Evangelical community apparently tolerates sloppy research and even
dishonesty (I'm not speaking specifically about Austin or Wise here) among
proponents of YEC."

1. I have not seen any "supporters of YEC" here, Steve. WHo would you identify
as such?

2. Many of us DO spend time trying to counteract some of the ICR materials; I
spend time on Compuserve forums doing exactly that (and other, more productive
things, such as promoting ASA). I have a few Christian friends who have bought
in to the ICR line -- as time permits, I spend time in discussions with them.

3. Here, I mostly "jump" on Glenn, for he is the one who has the most
interesting arguments. I hope, by sometimes being critical, I can help him
refine those arguments. I could agree with him (I do to a large extent) but that
is not very interesting as far as reflector posting is concerned!

I share your closing statement wholeheartedly. I have correspondence going back
20 years or more fighting this battle. I expect to continue it for the time the
Lord allows me.