Reductionism and Religion

Kenneth Piers (
Thu, 22 Aug 1996 9:58:09 EST5EDT

For those interested in the topic of reductionism, I have just read a couple of chapters
from a book a colleague of mine referred me to. The book is titled "Natures Imagination:
the Frontiers of Scientific Vision" published by Oxford U. Press (1995). The chapters
were eight and nine; the former written by P. W. Atkins, the British chemistry
text-book writer, is titled " The limitless Power of Science" and is a remarkable,
well-written, and readable ode to physical reductionism and an attack on ather forms of
knowledge; the latter, written by Mary Midgley titled "Reductive Megalomania", is a
delightfully well-written, insightful response to the problems reductionists encounter
and so blithely ignore.

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