outreach to homosexuals

David Campbell (bivalve@email.unc.edu)
Wed, 21 Aug 1996 10:01:47 -0500

Harvest USA is a ministry of the Presbyterian Church in America "that
exists to bring the hope of recovery to those struggling with
homosexuality, both in the gay community and within the church". A web
page is still in preparation, but they do have email (HarvestUSA@aol.com).
Address and phone are PO Box 11469 Philadelphia PA 19111 215-342-7114.
Olive Branch Ministries is a similar organization, but I don't have an
address or other information handy.
The spring newsletter for Harvest has a discussion of the Leviticus
passages which emphasizes a point not explicit in the discussion here-the
relevant verses must be considered in the overall context of the Gospel.
The question of whether homosexuality is a sin must be based on an
understanding of the Bible and not on attempts to fit it to our views. I
haven't read much on the subject, but most of what I've read that claims
homosexuality is not sinful begins from the observation that "it seems OK
to me under certain conditions" and trys to fit the verses to that. I
don't think anyone has read the relevant passages with an open mind and
concluded that homosexuality was not sinful. Of course, there are plenty
of examples of pulling verses out of context for the opposite extreme as
well. There is some justification for the charge that homosexuality has
been singled out more than many other sins-the large qualitative difference
between it and heterosexual marriage makes it an easy target for our