RE: Alan Keyes for President

Sweitzer, Dennis (
Tue, 20 Aug 96 09:04:00 EST

Bill asked,
>>Question: Regarding these comments on 'Alan Keyes for President,' who is
Alan Keyes?

And I ask, why should we hire him as President?

I understand that he is an eloquent conservative radio commentator. But
has he ever held public office?

As a commentator, he is paid to sound convincing and insightfull, but not to
check his facts. (In contrast to journalists, who are paid to check
facts--i.e., hopefully get to the truth of a matter by reporting all sides
of an issues).

I really don't know anything about Keyes, except that I did hear some fine
speechs of his on NPR. Nor have a read very many of Buchanen's

But I have read Rush Limbaugh, and found him very persuasive, forcefull,
even seductive in his arguements. But whenever he strayed into areas with
which I have expertise, I found that he was consistently telling half
truths--i.e. only facts that favored his arguement, and certainly not the
facts that totally invalidated the position he was advocating.

Consequently, this only reinforced my distrust of persuasive, forcefull, and
seductive orators (like radio commentators)--EVEN if they advocate a
position with which I agree.

So, as Christian, with a deep reverance for truth and integrity, I have
reservations about wholeheartedly endorsing any candidate, especially one
whose candidacy is backed by words and not works.

Anyway, that's my two bits.

Dennis Sweitzer