Re: Alan Keyes for President
Mon, 19 Aug 1996 08:24:05 -0400

William M. Frix asked:

>Question: Regarding these comments on 'Alan Keyes for President,'
>who is Alan Keyes?

Since he asked on the reflector and since I've received
the same question from others occasionally I'm posting this old
response for all to see. If anyone can't access the web let me
know and I'll try to attach some info to another post.

Below are a few web sites regarding Alan Keyes. The first
one is the official Keyes web site. The second one is the most
comprehensive of the Keyes web sites. The third one is set up to
start work on Alan's campaign in the year 2000. The third one
also has a list of state coordinators. That might be most useful
for you if you want to get involved.
If you do try to volunteer remember that the whole Keyes
phenomenon is grassroots so you won't get the sort of rapid
response that the Dole people can give. Be patient, keep trying
and keep praying for God to allow a man like Alan Keyes to succeed
in rising up to lead this country.

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