Re: A Quaker view

Gladwin Joseph (
Fri, 16 Aug 96 11:42:49 PST

I have immense respect for Quaker faith and testimony but if
it does not square with Biblical precepts then they are
sadly mistaken. We believe in the equality and integrity of
all human beings, however the basis for that fundamental
belief is the CROSS. It appears that to deny the sinfulness
of sin is to deny the purpose and efficacy of the ATONEMENT.
We all stand naked before the CROSS, none better than the
other, but we profoundly confess to GOD of both
the JUDGEMENT and REDEMPTION of the CROSS of Christ.
It is a judgement that our righteousness is as filthy rags,
but our redemption is to be clothed with the
Righteousness of Christ Himself. To call sin by another name
is a slippery-spiral.................
On issues such as infalliblity
and inerrancy one can have differing views as long as we
submit to the authority of scripture, on issues of origins
of course one can have perspectives that widely differ, so
on for free-will and God's soverignity, and for gender
related issues. However, to start compromising on issues of
sexuality that concerns the Temple of the Living GOD
individually and corporately I think we need to think and
think again.....

Just a thought my brothers and sisters from the West.
The world may watch as spectators at the giant
social experiment that is America, they have a smirk on
their faces at the percieved decadence of the West, BUT they
are unaware that they are being slowly, surely and
irreversibly influenced by the outcomes of this experiment.
It is therefore that much more significant that we
Christians enjoin in the struggles, the debates, the
discussions, that are part of this experiment. For the
outcomes reverberate throughout the world.

I indeed look forward to the SHALOM with the coming of the