NASA costs

Paul Arveson (
Wed, 14 Aug 96 09:25:02 EDT

Glenn Morton wrote:

I think the explanation lies in the politics of NASA needing funding. I
believe that the scientists involved believe what they are saying, but the
political leaders of NASA know a good thing when they see it.

Foundation,Fall and Flood


Regarding the matter of NASA funding, let's not get too cynical. Remember that
anything worth doing costs money, and in general ASA affirms that the scientific
approach to answering big questions is worth doing.

Recently the final cost of the Savings and Loan debacle was counted, and it
amounted to $481 billion. That's the cost of several hundred space shuttles, or
24 Apollo programs, or dozens of superconducting supercolliders, or even
perhaps all the property in a small state. The number is so big that we don't
know how to relate to it. Where did the money go? Much of it was never
recovered. Yet it is coming out of our taxes. Sin costs far more money than
scientific research, and the benefit is less than zero.

Glenn, I'm glad you are still contributing to the Listserv. I'm reading your
book and I like a lot of it.


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