Re: live and let live?
Fri, 9 Aug 1996 06:28:29 -0400


I'm the person who wrote, "Let's live and let live" regarding gays and
Lesbians in the Methodist church where I'm a member.

Paul Averson wrote, "That's what I would like to say, too, but reality is
otherwise. Gays are not living; they are dying in large numbers." He went
on to describe the horrors of the AIDS epidemic, all of which is accurate and

However, let's not picture all gays and Lesbians as dying of AIDS. It is
mistake to stereotype all homosexusals this way, or to define them in terms
of the predatory life style of some of them, as is sometimes done.

Our church has opened its doors to homosexuals. It is one of about 180
churches in the Methodist denomination called Reconciling Congregations. A
relatively small group of homosexuals came into the church, some who were
already long time members of the church came out into the open. They, along
with all of us, are under the healing ministry of the Gospel, the influence
of the Holy Spirit, and the fellowship of Christ's family of believers. We
are all involved in the worship, the work, and the ministry of the church.
How they appropriate these influences into their lives is between them and
their Savior. Some left after their initial fervor waned, as do some
straight members. This is how one church is trying to respond to the needs
of homosexuals.

Does anyone know of evangelicalsor churches that are bringing the Gospel to
the group of homosexuals to which Paul refers? Does anyone know of
evangelical missions to homosexuals? I am interested in knowing of their


Bob DeHaan